The central hub for TAP DeFi

We use functions of the Protocol to provide a trustless tool to swap tokens, 100% decentralized and on-chain

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Runes and BRC-20 Swaps to TAP Protocol
Swap between Rune and BRC-20 tokens and TAP-based tokens in a seamless way.
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Runes and BRC-20 Bridges to TAP
Owners (deployers) of TAP tokens will have the opportunity to mirror their tokens in Runes and BRC-20 protocols.
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Unitap Wallet
Transfer, bridge, mirror, deploy, and mint TAP tokens through a browser extension.
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Unitap is more than swapping, it's the central hub for TAP DeFi.
TAP Promises Integration
The integration of promises into the TAP ecosystem represents a groundbreaking advancement in decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin.
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